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Courses and Learning

The Mosaic Community Trust regularly facilitates and invites providers to run courses for community members. Some of the most recent courses are listed below:

Student receiving a course certificate

Royal Society for Public Health: “Understanding Health Improvement”

The course was aimed at individuals who wish to provide people with support and encouragement to make positive changes in their lives in relation to adopting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. This includes people working in health and care settings, the voluntary sector, local authorities, the leisure and fitness industry and the education sector.

The Mosaic Community Trust – Refresher Training on Understanding Health Improvement

This course compliments the “Understanding Health Improvement” and provides an opportunity for further study and understanding of the Royal Society for Public Health syllabus.

Student receiving a course certificate

The Mosaic Community Trust – Community Health Champions Foundation Course

This course provides an introduction to the role and responsibilities of becoming a Community Health Champion.

The Mosaic Community Trust – Emotional Health and Wellbeing

A course which provides participants with innovative ways of dealing with emotional dilemmas; discussing issues such as anger, unemployment, stress, financial difficulties, health.

RBE Consultants – Understanding Health Improvement Course

Womens English class

Know Diabetes – Diabetes Mentoring Course

This course outlines what support, advice, information and help is available for those suffering from diabetes.

Naimeh Abou Ali – English Classes

Weekly English Classes for local residents.

Martin Jones, Outreach Dietitian – Diabetes Expert Course

An introduction to managing diabetes.

Opportunity for All – Exercise Classes

Women-only Zumba classes to encourage participants to get fit and have fun.

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