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International Programme

In 2015, the Mosaic Community Trust launched its international work, supporting projects in both India and Nepal. This work forms part of the organisation’s strategic aim: To empower poverty stricken communities by funding international projects in education, training and healthcare to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

Guruvayapalem, Andrah Pradesh, India

Children’s Champion Project

A photo of the India childrens project
Community Engagement Work

The Mosaic Community Trust initiated a Children’s Champion project in Guruvayapalyam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Through our local partner Hands of Compassion, socially disadvantaged children were trained to take on the role of Children’s Champions in the community.

The aim of the project was: “To develop children under 16 years from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to become children’s champions in the community”.

As Champions these children regularly promote key messages within the wider community, particularly with their peers and family members, around:

  • Personal health and hygiene;
  • Regular school attendance and study;
  • Importance of clean water and safe sanitation.

Children involved in hand writing classes.

Parents have also been involved in the project, participating in focus group discussions around nutrition, health and hygiene and the importance of girls regularly attending school.

As a result of the project, school attendance has increased as has the quality of academic work. The Champions are actively supporting fellow children with their school work and motivating them to achieve better results.

This work was modelled on a similar project implemented by the Mosaic Community Trust in partnership with the Westbourne Park Family Centre in Queens Park, North London. Lessons learnt from the project were successfully applied in this South Asian context and is part of the Mosaic Community Trust’s strategic ambition to pilot a “UK-South Asia Diaspora Model” approach.

Children involved in hand writing classes
Children involved in hand writing classes
Children performing skits on moral stories
Children performing skits on moral stories

Mali Gaun Village, Lalitpur District, Nepal

Water and Sanitation Project

Photos from Nepal of a rehabilitated waterpoint and a community centre
Left: Rehabilitated waterpoint
Right: Community centre
Two photos of road construction in Nepal
Road construction

As part of our international work in 2016, the Mosaic Community Trust supported a water and sanitation project in Lalitpur District, Nepal.

The main aim of this project was to address and manage the urgent public health risks resulting from the damage caused by the recent earthquakes. Work focussed on restoring access to safe drinking water and sanitation, as well as other essential community facilities where infrastructure had been severely damaged.

The Mosaic Community Trust supported the costs of:

  • rehabilitating the existing water system,
  • installing public toilets,
  • road reconstruction and drainage,
  • repairs to the village community centre.

As a result of the project, villagers’ health and wellbeing has significantly improved. Families’ medical costs have reduced due to better access to public health facilities and improved hygiene practices.

This project was funded by the HCCI Service Company’s Nepal Appeal.

Other International Projects

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