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News Winter 2012 edition

Welcome to the Winter Edition of The Mosaic Community Trust NEWS. We have been busy working with residents in Church Street, North Westminster, London unite, empower and celebrate local communities.

Our project work with the Community Health Champions has been well received by local residents and fully engaged a group of local women to promote health and wellbeing messages; we have developed our first Men’s Health and Wellbeing course, which was a huge success, and complimented our work by introducing new and regular local events.

Read on and learn more about The Mosaic Community Trust’s most recent activities and successes…

Community Health Champions

An exciting new health project recruiting local resident volunteers has just launched on Church Street. 10 local women, without any previous health training but with plenty of enthusiasm, have formed the Church Street Community Health Champions to help make other local people healthier.

“As a community health champion I am working hard to see my community in the Church Street estate live longer lives and understand more about their own health. I’m looking forward to 2 years’ time when everyone in Church Street will be healthier because of this important information, knowledge and understanding they will get from our health promotion work…”
Milufa, Community Health Champion

The Mosaic Community Trust was commissioned to deliver the Community Health Champions Programme in Church Street by Central and Westminster NHS Foundation. The role of the Community Health Champions is to increase their communities’ knowledge and understanding of health and well-being and access to local health services. Community health champions are local people who volunteer their time to connect friends, families and neighbours with local services, and spread important messages about health and wellbeing. Through the programme, run by The Mosaic Community Trust, the Community Health Champions also gain new skills, training and experience that can help progress their own careers.

Community Health Champion Mahmuda Begum:

“…since my training I’ve been talking to my community, my neighbours and my child about vitamin D deficiency and the importance of maintaining good health. We now go outside more and go to exercise classes. I am less depressed and happier. I want everybody in the community to know about improving their health.”

“I had heard about all the different things that were good for my health, but I didn’t really listen. I didn’t understand why they were better for my health. After training to become a community health champion I now understand why these things are important. And I want to share this with the community to help”.
Nasima, Community Health Champion

To help the Community Health Champions understand more about the health and wellbeing of the community, they interviewed 300 residents from Church Street over the autumn months. The findings are now being discussed to help decide what kind of health and wellbeing messages and activities the champions should focus on next.

A group of Community Health Champions Commenting on the project, Lena Choudary-Salter, Director of The Mosaic Community Trust, said:

“We are very proud of the Champions’ achievements so far. These are ordinary, local women, but their determination and passion for changing things for the better in Church Street really sets them apart.”

Community Health Champions Graduate: 10 local women completed their Level 2 Award in Health Promotion training from the Royal Society of Public Health last month. The course teaches a range of subjects including understanding vitamin D deficiency, preventing high cholesterol, managing obesity and preventing and taking care of diabetes.

As a result of attending this course and attaining the Level 2 Award, these women can now volunteer as Church Street Community Health Champions. They feel confident and empowered to reach out to their community and promote health and wellbeing. The Mosaic Community Trust is proud to have supported these Community Health Champions and to see them go out to unite, empower and celebrate a caring local community.

Women Church Street Community Health ChampionsWomen Church Street Community Health Champions
Local women undertake training in Health Promotion to be able to volunteer as a Community Health Champion

Health Survey: The Mosaic Community Trust has been working with the Church Street Community Health Champions to carry out door-to-door surveys around the estate to find out more about the health needs of local people. The findings collected from the questionnaires will help residents get more out of current health services, initiate new services and support individuals and families to be healthier. Some residents and families have already been surveyed by the Champions and are currently being supported by them to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Men’s Health and Wellbeing

“Men are nearly three times more likely to take their own lives than women. Research also indicates that existing structures don’t always support men because they find it difficult to approach services that address emotional factors. This is why the Trust has set up these projects to enable men to better manage emotional dilemmas.”
Lena Choudary-Salter, Director at The Mosaic Community Trust

Womens Health Champions Men’s Health and Wellbeing Course: The Mosaic Community Trust successfully facilitated a 15 week Emotional Health and Wellbeing Course for Men, where local men have learnt innovative ways of how to deal with emotional dilemmas. 17 Church Street men benefit from group therapeutic sessions, which discuss things like anger, unemployment, stress, financial difficulties and health issues.

On finishing the course, participants commented on how they enjoyed it and liked the approach. Men spoke of being ‘transformed’, feeling like ‘different people’ and ‘not recognising their previous selves.’

One participant explained:

“I no longer have to hide or pretend everything is OK, nor do I have to worry about people thinking I’m crazy….I now realise everyone experiences difficulties and it is important we address them. Otherwise we can end up suffering with long-term depression and not getting the help that is out there. I can honestly say I feel so free, I now know there is no shame in accessing support.”

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Group: The second project run by The Mosaic Community Trust, the Men’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Group started in April this year and brought together the husbands, friends and family members of women attending a similar course.

Lena continues:

“…the effectiveness of these projects is beginning to be fed back into the community as the participants from both groups are excited by their new lease of life. The Trust will continue to support and encourage more healthy family structures, communities and general wellbeing in the New Year.”

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Mosaic Community Trust Events

The Mosaic Community Trust is dedicated to uniting, empowering and celebrating local communities. To build on the success and impact of our projects, we have run several events for Church Street residents. One of our events in November was a huge success:

Womens Health Champions Health and Wellbeing Event: In November, The Mosaic Community Trust and Church Street’s Community Health Champions hosted their first Health and Wellbeing Event. Over 100 local residents popped into the Health and Wellbeing Event on Boscobel Street to learn about health projects and services in the Church Street area and find out more about the new Community Health Champions and men’s health projects.

Shelina Begum, said:

“…the event was a great way of getting people talking about their health and wellbeing and learning about what’s available locally. Many people want to improve their health but aren’t sure how to go about it. Talking with the community health champions at the event helped people to learn how to.”

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