Mosaic - Uniting, Empowering and Celebrating Caring Communities

What We Do

The Mosaic Community Trust is on an exciting journey, which has included:

Uniting Communities

Bringing together different faith groups to increase their understanding of one another’s religions and through interfaith initiatives to build bridges of friendship, reducing and preventing tensions, fears and prejudice, Mosaic engaged communities through such projects as:

  • youth theatre
  • Express Yourself essay competition
  • women’s groups
  • interfaith mentoring for Muslim mothers
  • school-based projects aimed at addressing religious intolerance and bullying and promoting parents’ participation.

Empowering Communities

As time went on, the need became clear for local communities to improve their access to essential health and social services. Through community based initiatives and the active work of community volunteers trained in health promotion, attitudes to health and wellbeing within their communities were improved. Community members feel empowered and people have increased awareness and confidence in accessing local health and social services. Mosaic has promoted:

  • community health champions
  • children’s health champions
  • men’s and women’s health and wellbeing projects.

We use a rights-based approach, working directly with disadvantaged communities and empowering individuals to make changes in their lives, health and wellbeing. Current projects focus on the most deprived communities in the City of Westminster where we believe this approach will continue to empower communities as they become more able to engage with the services at their disposal.

Promoting Strategic Change

The work of community volunteers has revealed the need for local services to be better adapted to the needs of diverse communities in an effort to build community cohesion and resilience and to break down health and social inequality barriers. Through cooperation with service providers we have welcomed the dialogue established with local professionals and policy makers about ways in which services can be made more accessible.

Celebrating Communities

In challenging economic times, it is not only local government services which hold the key to enhanced community wellbeing. The social and economic resources within local communities themselves need to be celebrated and mobilised in order to build cohesive and sustainable communities. Community leaders and champions coordinated by Mosaic play an increasing role in this resource-building process, raising social and economic status and strategic impact. Our partners and funders in the local authorities and the NHS, as well as the local private sector including both established employers and small businesses, play a growing role in generating the economic opportunities which lead to sustainable health and social outcomes for resilient interfaith communities.

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