Mosaic - Uniting, Empowering and Celebrating Caring Communities

Who We Are


…pieces of different forms, shapes, sizes and colours brought together to form a beautiful image – an image of our communities…


Founded in 2005, the The Mosaic Community Trust is a registered charity working to promote community cohesion and interfaith harmony by learning from one another and enriching our knowledge and understanding without compromising our own identities.

The Trust’s original members were drawn from Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Jain and Zoroastrian faiths and its beneficiaries now include:

  • socially and economically disadvantaged and marginalised communities in London.
  • wider communities who benefit from increased awareness of different religions, cultures and ethnicities.
  • religious leaders, service providers and employers acting as multipliers with their constituencies by increasing understanding, access to services and economic opportunities.

Our Vision

Diverse and mutually supportive communities across London empowered to access local services to enhance their health, wellbeing and sustainable economic development.

Our Mission

Acting through the promotion of health and economic wellbeing, community leadership and a rights-based approach to community support, our mission is to empower diverse, socially and economically marginalised and disadvantaged communities, thereby enabling them to participate actively in strategic decision making at the community level and to access mainstream services and economic opportunities.

Our Aims

  • To promote community cohesion through mutual understanding and respect among people of different faiths, races and social and cultural backgrounds.
  • To empower socially and economically marginalised and disadvantaged communities to access and influence public services especially to eliminate social, health and economic inequalities.
  • To build social, economic and spiritual resources by empowering faith based communities and organisations to engage in community development.
  • To encourage partners in local authorities and the National Health Service, as well as employers and small businesses in the private sector, to work to create the conditions for sustainable economic and social development accessible to people of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures.

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