At the start of February 2021, Mosaic indulged in a new project- Healthy Family Meals

pantry food service in collaboration with Paddington Waterways Society.
The project was funded by Westminster City Council in response to the covid 19 pandemic.

ayesha.pngOne of Mosaics certified cooks, who is also a mother in the local community was given the opportunity of rustling up healthy nutritious meals twice a week for deprived families, with poor diet and underlying health issues.

“I was given the opportunity of cooking and preparing 3 meals twice a week. My manager and I planned weekly healthy and nutritious meals to serve to those in most need. My passion is cooking, and I thoroughly enjoyed preparing the meals and serving the community”.

Local mother and Chef - Ayesha Akhtar

lena_food.jpgThe meals were carefully planned by mosaics qualified diet and nutritionist expert Lena Choudary- Salter

“This food pantry service not only enabled us to provide nutritionally planned meals to families who were lonely and isolated, but also connect with them through providing the much needed one to one phone based emotional wellbeing support”.

Qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist
Lena Choudary-Salter

Homecooked meals were delivered to 25 families living in North Westminster over the course of 8 weeks.

Fresh and organic vegetables and Halal certified meat were chosen and incorporated into our meal prep ready to be hand delivered to the doorsteps of our local community.

habiba2.jpgThe project was carefully planned and involved several dedicated team members including Habiba Haque Head of Community Programmes.

“My role during the food pantry service was to identify the most vulnerable and isolated families living in some of the deprived areas of Westminster. Every week my team members and I would put together a list of people who would benefit from this service.  At the end of the project, I collected case studies and feedback on the delivery of the service and client satisfaction”.

Greeted with a smiling face, with a small exchange of gratitude became something quite familiar with our team of dedicated and passionate workers, not only did we deliver the food but along with-it empathy and time.

The meals consisted of rice, lentil soup and chicken curry accompanied by a variety of different vegetables each week.

Read about our success.

unnamed.jpgCASE STUDY 1

Mrs AF a Somalian who is currently unemployed lives in Lisson green estate with her 5 children. She is a single parent.

Mrs AF was provided with hot meals twice a week for her and her children. When Mosaic approached Mrs AF with the offer of providing healthy nutritious meals, she was very delighted and overwhelmed. She said the meals were cooked using healthy ingredients and less oil and salt and this helped her control her diabetes and other health conditions including high blood pressure.

Mrs AF has problems with her nerves, and this has restricted her mobility and is unable to provide her children with homecooked healthy food regularly. The meals provided by Mosaic has inspired Mrs AF to try healthy alternatives.

“I enjoyed the food a lot and it helped me financially, I want to thank Westminster City Council for funding this project and Mosaic for providing me and my family with this excellent service”.

(Client AF)


Mrs MB is a Bangladeshi mother to 3 children. Two of whom are severely disabled. Mrs MB’s husband is currently out of work due to the pandemic and has been experiencing financial difficulties. Mrs MB was incredibly grateful for the healthy homecooked meals that was provided to her and her family over the course of 8 weeks, she said due to the immense responsibility she has taking care of her 2 disabled children she does not find the time nor has the energy to cook healthy meals. The food pantry service has helped her a lot and she was able to spend more time with her children.  Mrs MB is the main carer for her 2 disabled children and sometimes feels emotionally drained. Our team who delivered the food spent some time speaking with Mrs MB and she felt heard and understood. 

“This food pantry service has helped me so much; the food was delicious and tasty. Thank you to Westminster Council for recognising the need to fund such projects and the mosaic team for providing me with this much needed support”. 

(Client MB)

Food pantry service inspired other local communities and residents to part take in a food sharing and giving during the Holy Month of Ramadan.