Interfaith Monitoring for Muslim Mothers

muslim-mothers-1.jpgA new project to support mothers of children at Quintin Kynaston school in Westminster has been set up in partnership with the school.

Through befriending and mentoring services disadvantaged and isolated Muslim women will gain the relevant knowledge and skills to engage effectively in their children’s school and educational lives which, currently, they are unable to do as a result of their non-English background. Through the cultural activities and informal education, the women in the community will gain better understanding of the social structures and systems which will enable them to participate more fully in their community as well as family life.

muslim-mothers-2.jpgThe project will facilitate a number of practical workshops to enable women to learn about each other’s cultural values and beliefs and identify similarities and differences between their religions. Through this, the women will learn to appreciate, respect and trust one another and overcome their existing fears, suspicions, prejudices and hatred.

It is believed that such learning will be disseminated to their respective families and communities thus contributing to religious harmony and community cohesion.

Specialised advice and counselling services will be made available to empower women, not only to become aware of the choices, but also of their rights to make the best of those choices with regard to the issues that affect them.