Mosaic's Way Project

Rafaella speaking to Mosaic Women 260218.JPGWomen and emotional well-being

Mosaic’s Way began in two sites; at St. Paul’s Church and Westbourne Park Family Center. Women living in the local vicinity attended the groups with their children and were glad to be able to access a service where they could discuss the issues and stress affecting their lives.

Most explained that the groups were a place where they could share their problems and get help. In the past they did not know where to turn to and felt unable to discuss their problems openly, either within their families or their communities. The fear of negative stigmatisation saw these women retreat and accept these heavy pressures as a part of normal life, hoping that one day things would change.

The Mosaic’s Way project helped these women to open up and with the support of Tanvir Ali, a qualified psychotherapist, these women were able to enjoy at least one positive change in their lives.

The Mosaic’s Way project was keen to reach out to more women and support those who still did not feel strong enough emotionally to access the help available to them. They approached community groups such as the Marylebone Bangladeshi Society, Church Street Library Women’s Learning and Queens Park Library Women’s Learning Groups. The Mosaic’s Way project worked hard to gain the trust of the women in these groups, helping them to overcome their anxieties and supported them to openly discuss the problems and issues affecting their lives.

Over many months, Tanvir Ali worked with the women, who then fully engaged with the project and started addressing their problems in these discussion forums. Women were able to share their personal challenges with the groups, but most of all they spoke of the change the Mosaic’s Way project had brought to their lives. They had learnt how to release tension, parent more effectively, and be more open with family and friends. Some were inspired to find employment, others wanted to help other women benefit from a project such as Mosaic’s Way.

10 of the women who took part in the Mosaic’s Way project, went on to be trained as Community Health Champions and are contributing to the improving the health of their community. The Mosaic Community Trust is committed to driving positive change for the most deprived residents of North Westminster.