Women’s Well-Being

events-womens-health-well-being.jpgThe Mosaic Community Trust’s Women’s Well-Being Project seeks to empower women who are socially disadvantaged. As women are usually the primary care givers in the community, we believe that by empowering women we will make a lasting effect on the community at large. We aim to take a holistic approach to our work, by collaborating with other existing agencies to address some of the key factors around health and well-being such as stress, anxiety, parenting, social and cultural barriers, domestic violence, reproductive and sexual health, diet, hypertension and diabetes.

The Rights Based Approach

The majority of the women we work with are unaware of their right to good care and support services. Many are unaware of existing services which can provide a safe and confidential environment to enable them to manage health and well-being issues. The aim of this project is to enable women to become aware of their rights relating to health and well-being services and to be a catalyst in their communities for change in accessing these services. In taking this approach, women can prevent future illnesses and also detect existing illnesses before they become difficult to treat.

This project offers a range of services for women, including: health awareness building workshops, information and advice, self-help group support, counseling and referrals to services.

“I was at home with the baby and do the same thing every day. Now I am happy I leave the house. It was so hard at first to leave. But now I feel better about myself, I have confidence and look at me. I am even a Community Health Champion. Mosaic really helped me a lot.”
R.B (24 years old)

This and many similar testimonies continue to inspire and invigorate us to carry on with our work and be part of this positive and vital change.